Assorted Healing, Crystal Infused Essential Oil Rollers for Well Being and Balancing Chakras, 10ml, Customizable


Distilled from plants, each essential oil carries a specific energy or vibration, much like crystals do. Once combined, specific essential oils and crystals complement one another to produce healing energy aimed toward alleviating specific trials and tribulations, emotional situations and ailments, and in keeping balance between the chakras.

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Distilled from plants, each essential oil carries a specific energy or vibration, much like crystals do. Once combined, specific essential oils and crystals complement one another to produce healing energy aimed toward alleviating specific trials and tribulations, emotional situations and ailments, and in keeping balance between the chakras.
Each crystal is a work of art, pieces of earth that have been forged by the elements, acting as guides and educating us, allowing us to better tune into our our selves and those around us. They have been used since ancient times, by nearly every civilization on record, for emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

Choose your crystal roller based on your needs and their specific healing characteristics, and match with the essential oil(s) suggested, or create your own blend. I have carefully researched each crystal and provide you with a brief description of each, along with the researched complimenting essential oil.

I personally cleanse all crystals using a Selenite wand prior to creation of crystal and essential oil blends.

Simply choose a roller from the drop down menu and in the notes to seller at checkout specify IF you would like an essential oil or essential oil combination other than what has been suggested. If there is no note, the suggested essential oil or a combination of those essential oils will be used.

You will receive (1) 10ml roller, complete with a crystal roller ball top to match the stone used. Each will be filled with grapeseed oil and the essential oils of choice. (The numbers below are marked by stone dice in the pictures to represent the roller being purchased.)

1. Black Obsidian
Chakra: Root, Earth, Higher Earth

Obsidian is a truth teller. It will expose you, release your past, and usher you toward a positive
state of being. It supports while facing dark or challenging issues, reminding you of light on the
other side. A great protector, it clears negative energy. Provides strength and self control, and is
believed to detoxify the body and aid in digestion, as well as provide pain relief.

Complementing Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Balsam Fir

2. Green Aventurine
Chakra: Heart

Green Aventurine is the heart healing stone. A type of quartz, it has tiny pieces of mica in it. It’s
primary benefits include helping to keep energetic balance, heart healing (for all relationships
that have caused heartache, including romantic and friendship alike, it allows one to let go and
protects them against the hurt caused by the relationship. It is also a crystal used to heal the
healer, meaning that if you are one whom heals others, such as a therapist or physician, it will
protect you as you do your work. In addition, it attracts abundance and prosperity, on the
emotional side, not as much on the monetary side.

Complementing Essential Oil: Spearmint

3. Rainbow Flourite
Chakra: Heart

Known as the great emotional equalizer, Rainbow Flourite calms the busy mind. It allows one
to address a specific issue rather than focussing on a thousand problems or issues at once. It
cleanses all of the chakras, before connecting with the heart chakra for an infusion of
confidence, relaxation, and compassion.

Complementing Essential Oils: Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon (alone or in

4. Crystal Quartz
Chakra: Opens all chakras, Activates Crown Chakra, Heart Chakra

Known as the “master healer”, Crystal Quartz amplifies energy and thought while it draws off
negative energy. It aids in concentration and unlocks memories past. It is often used to
enhance psychic abilities. It is known to stimulate the immune system and to bring the body
back to balance as it harmonizes all of the chakras.

Complementing Essential Oils: Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon (or a combination of)

5. Sodalite
Chakra: Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Sodalite brings order and calmness to the mind, encouraging rational thought, objectivity, truth
and intuition. It allows for the verbalization of feelings, while bringing emotional balance and
calming panic attacks. Sodalite enhances self esteem, self-acceptance, and self trust. It is an
immune system booster and has been known to be used to cool fevers, treat vocal chords, and
to help with insomnia.

Complementing Essential Oil: Eucalyptus

6. Rose Quartz
Chakra: Higher Heart, Heart

Rose Quartz is the love stone. This includes divine love, self-love, romantic love, and platonic
love. It enhances all areas of the heart. It vibrates with tenderness and peace. It instills a deep
sense of nurturing and self-acceptance. It can both encourage new love and heal the
heartache of lost love. It strengthens bonds, boosting relationships, and promoting emotional
balance in times of transition. It is known to increase sensuality and is believed to support
fertility, to ward off nightmares, and to sooth anxiety and tension.

Complementing Essential Oils: Rose, Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender (or a combination of)

7. Amethyst
Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

This gentle, but powerful, stone radiates pure peace and tranquility. It opens the third eye,
clearing and soothing the mind for meditation, and allowing space to raise consciousness. It is
known as the stone of sobriety, used in ancient times to abate the effects of drunkenness. It is
helpful for dealing with and for understanding the underlying reasons of addictive behavior,
both substance related and emotional. It aids in self-control and curbs overindulgence. This
crystal is known to extend to all general areas, ranging from insomnia to headaches and tired

Complementing Essential Oils: Lavender, Clove, Sandalwood

8. Red Jasper
Chakra: Sacral, Root

Red Jasper gently, but effectively, enhances vitality and replenishes depleted energy. As a
stone of protection, it wards off physical, as well as emotional, threats. It’s grounding abilities
allows for stability in times of chaos. Creative people will benefit from its ability to spark
renewed interest in ongoing works. It enhances vitality and endurance, stimulating energy that
may be clouded by mental fog, and allowing for beauty and joy in life. Healers believe that it
helps during pregnancy by slowing the loss of blood after childbirth.

Complementing Essential Oils: Orange, Lemongrass, Geranium, Cinnamon (or a combination

9. Tiger’s Eye
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root

Tiger’s Eye combines masculine and feminine energies, creating a balancing effect. It carries
both the energy of the sun (golden hue) and of the earth (brown hue), allowing it to energize
you when exhausted and calm you when overexcited. It stabilizes emotions and is grounding. It
provides a shield that deflects negative energy or physical or emotional attacks, and is a stone
of good luck, attracting prosperity. Use this stone when working with money or making
financial decisions. The body’s systems are also balanced with the use of this stone, optimizing
health and well being.

Complementing Essential Oils: Patchouli, Clove, Ginger, Bergamot, Orange (or a combination

10. Lapis Lazuli
Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth and knowledge. It enhances self awareness and illuminates your
deepest desires. It clears stale energy and allows for self-expression. It creates a desire for
information, inspiring quests for knowledge and even boosts memory. It strengthens bonds
with friends and family members, heightening a sense of loyalty. It is also beneficial for dream
work, creating a path to guidance. Healers use Lapis Lazuli to harmonize thyroid and endocrine
gland imbalances, as well as for throat ailments.

Complementing Essential Oils: Peppermint, Lime, Basil (or a combination of)

Thank you, as always, for enjoying The Herb Appeal, and for allowing me to share my work, research, and knowledge with you. Many blessings for beautiful days ahead!


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